Everyone’s talking about “The Disney Channel Curse” thanks to Demi Lovato‘s reps revealing she’s headed to rehab (even though she’s being proactive about her “emotional issues” seems more like a positive step to me than a downfall). Demi is not the first Disney star to stray from the “goody-goody” reputation Disney likes to put out for its tween audience. Miley, Lindsay, Britney. They’ve all had their stunts (Miley’s being that she’s just being Miley) to break out from Disney’s shadow.  But people are forgetting about those Disney actresses who have made it through the rough and never ended up in rehab for emotional distress or drugs or alcohol, or as a half-naked minor on stage. Being a Disney Channel star is clearly rough. And it’s these girls who have embraced being in the limelight and used it to benefit their careers and reputation that people should be talking about.[ITPGallery]