Celebrity scandals are awesome. They’re great conversation starters and just good old fashioned entertainment. I love me a DUI arrest or a pregnancy out of wedlock because well, it makes celebrities real and vulnerable. They’re just like us!

However, some celebs burn out their scandal privileges and it just makes them sad. I’m tired of Lindsay in rehab. I’m tired of everyone all up in Britney’s business. I’m especially tired of hearing about Ashton and Demi. What I’m looking for is a celebrity that I actually like to dip his or her toes in the hot waters of immorality. I’m not asking for said celebrity to ruin his or her career. The Stir suggests that stars with clean records, as Blake Lively and Alexander Skarsgard, should stop being so private and perfect. I agree. I just want to hear that James Franco ISN’T perfect. But I won’t ever hear that and so he will forever remain a flawless, talented, beautiful and brilliant artist.  But I have a few more plausible ideas of who we should let their hair down, step into the spotlight and maybe do some cocaine. And get caught.[ITPGallery]