How’s that for alliteration? Yep. I learned how to master that in college. I learned how to do a lot of things in college. Thanks to my fine undergraduate education I received from Miami University (the one in Ohio, not by the beach) I now also know basic French, who Hunter S. Thompson is, how the Union won the war and a whole lot more about the Civil Rights movement from a class that was not about Civil Rights in the slightest. But apparently I missed out on some brilliant college courses being offered these days elsewhere. Yesterday, we posted that the University of Baltimore offers a class all about zombies. According to The Frisky, the University of Virginia is offering a class all about Lady Gaga. Our friends at Lemondrop say that you can now enroll in a Science of Luxury graduate program at the International University of Monaco (meaning you get to study all about Gucci and Versace in the south of France … sign me up!). Classes about Harry Potter are also now popping up in curricula across the country. I love Harry Potter! That class would have totally raised my GPA. But, now that I’ve graduated *tear* I can only live vicariously through those privileged students who can break up their monotonous course schedules of anatomy, geology and intro to sociology with super cool classes like these.[ITPGallery]