This post was written by Anika Guldstrand who writes for When she’s not imagining what it would be like to reign with the powers of a Disney villain, she’s trying to figure out how-to add some mischievous elements to her Snow White costume.

It’s easy to see why little girls want to be Disney Princesses so badly: they have great wardrobes, typically live in castles, spend their days singing to woodland creatures, always get their prince, and have some seriously enviable hair. However, as we grow older, it becomes evident that the killer wardrobe is seriously binding, castles are drafty, woodland creatures frequently get rabies, princes may not be as charming as they seemed in the beginning, and that hair takes a whole lot of upkeep…Enter the Disney villains. They answer to no one, take charge of the situation, make their own schedules, have no pesky handlers to sneak away from, and still get plenty of the fabulous wardrobe and hair. Here are eight villains who have it far better than their princess counterparts.