So. You’ve been with your partner for one month, and now, awkwardly, it’s almost Christmas. (Sorry, fellow chosens, I didn’t get this up in time for Hanukkah. I’m sure you figured something out.) What are you supposed to doooo? Do you get him or her a gift? Will that seem clingy? If you don’t, will you seem like the murderer of Christmas joy?

Well, here’s a little advice: first of all, settle the fuck down. If you’re dating someone who is even somewhat emotionally grown up, getting them a small gift for a holiday isn’t going to cause them to pass full-scale and irrevocable judgment on you. Besides, they’ve probably been busy pondering the same question about what to get you. And at the end of the day, giving someone something is always nice.

So here’s the answer: Get them a gift. Boom. Done. Now, on to bigger questions: what to get, and what to avoid?[ITPGallery]