The MTV Video Music Awards last night were a whirlwind. No, literally. The white carpet was like a wind tunnel — hair was getting blown this way and that, and most celebs shuffled down the press line with goosebumps, clutching their clutches tightly to their bodies as if they alone would hold in their body heat.

But we were troopers, and despite the fact that we are not necessarily the best photographers in the world, we got some good action shots and found out some serious scoop on our favorite reality stars. The theme of the evening was black and gold, so you’ll note that anyone starring in an MTV show is rocking the combination. Some of our favorite dish from the evening:

Jemmye Carroll from The Real World: New Orleans famously flashed her vag tat in her audition tape. When we asked if she had any regrets, she replied: “I don’t really care — they were gonna see it anyway. I like to be naked.” Does she have any more tattoos in the works? “It’s gonna be hard to top the va-jay-jay tatto0…[if I can] I’ll let you know.”

Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola from Jersey Shore‘s favorite fall beauty product? “My hair straightener.” When we inquired after what she learned from being on the show so far, she replied, “You learn a lot about yourself.” Cryptic.

Flo Rida and Vinny Guadagnino kibbitzed about rap, the fact that Flo doesn’t watch Jersey Shore and the possibility of working together in the future. Dare I say, I think I saw Vinny blush when introduced to Flo.

Kevin Rudolf is taking some time to regroup and “plotting the future,” but told us to “expect something different” from his next studio recording. Also, dude knows how to rock a summer scarf.

Lauren Froderman and Kent Boyd winner and runner-up of So You Think You Can Dance are gearing up for a 40-city tour of the US. When asked what he liked about being on the show, Boyd said that he and Froderman, both 18, have “grown up so much.” Aw![ITPGallery]