There are some things in life that age well — wine, scotch, or a delightful cheddar.

But I’m not here to talk about those gastronomic joys. I’m here to talk about things a bit more nebulous…things that sneak up on you with each passing birthday, until one day you’re sitting at your computer blogging and you suddenly realize, “I’m older…and shit’s better.”

I should add, in fairness, that it would be just as easy to wax poetic about being young: you have the obvious taut skin and perky boobs, youthful optimism, sense of endless possibility and idealism. Of course, being young is fun and wonderful (and I all of a sudden sound like I’m about to celebrate my 80th birthday….I’m not…I’m 31).

But while I’m (hopefully) not even the oldest that I’ll ever be, I can confidently say that I’m older than I used to be, and I myself am surprised by the way some things change for the better with time. Here are a few of them: