Cowboys & Aliens is the greatest movie mash up of our time. Not really. But it is good fun, unless you focus too much on the pointless details like I tend to do.

Here’s a quick plot summary. Daniel Craig is a badass cowboy who wakes up in the middle of the desert with a weird bracelet and can’t remember anything. He kills some dudes and heads to a nearby village where the sherriff realizes that Craig is a wanted felon. Also at the village is Harrison Ford, a racist cattle owner with a deadbeat son (Paul Dano) and a surrogate Native American son (Adam Beach). (There’s a conflict of interest there.) Then aliens attack, kidnap some townspeople, and a group led by James Bond and Indiana Jones, who bicker like the Odd Couple, set off the fight the aliens. Olivia Wilde is there too and she isn’t always wearing clothes. And no, I never bothered to learn any of the character’s names.

In sum, I learned so much from this movie.


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