Donald Trump doesn't appear to be a fan of President Barack Obama.

One of the downsides of Twitter is that it’s an open playground for people to say whatever they want. If someone wants to get racist, homophobic or trash their ex, it’s definitely the place for it. Granted, some will loathe you for it, but it’s still your Twitter feed so you can do whatever you want. Ah! The beauty of social media in America!

This open playground is also an upside to Twitter because, as I stated, it does allow you to voice your thoughts and opinions, as everyone should, even if others deem them offensive. Exercise that freedom!

While some choose to keep their feed protected — maybe because they know they’re prone to rants — a lot of celebrities do not. They want their fans to be privy to their exciting lives, they feel like they have a lot to offer or they’re just well aware that they’re funny as shit so why not share that with the world?

But every once in awhile celebrities (and us regular folk) have what is called a “Twitter meltdown.” For reasons that we can’t explain, we, the tweeting public, sometimes let our emotions get the best of us and go on a tirade that can make us look absolutely insane or, for those who think we can do no wrong, heroic. When we come to our senses we can erase it if we want, but with celebrities, someone is always watching. So even though you might erase your tweeting diarrhea just a few hours later, you better believe that someone took a screenshot and it won’t soon be forgotten.

Donald Trump is the king of Twitter meltdowns, as is his equally whack-a-do buddy Victoria JacksonHe’s also a big fan of deleting those tweets, but not before Brian Williams announces on NBC News that Trump is having a public breakdown, as we can see in the above photo, so yours truly and many others can take a screenshot of it. Trump may have deleted that round, but that didn’t stop him for going to town on Williams and keeping those tweets up as you can see below:

Do you know any other grown man who calls another grown man a “dummy?” No? Me neither.

So whether you’re a celebrity, a Marc Jacobs intern who’s having a bad day or someone who was just stood-up at the alter, there are things you should consider before you take your grievances to Twitter. Yes, it’s your feed, but there’s always someone watching. Always.


Photo: Twitter