ashlee_simpson_cateyesMiss Ashlee Simpson is rocking the cat eye like no one else can. While the cat eye look is hot-hot-hot and seen in so many magazine ads this Autumn, the cat eye is pretty hard to do on your own. Especially hard to do if you don’t have a steady hand.

In order to recreate Ashlee’s cat eye’s, we recommend, with the highest of recommendations, the Beth Bender Beauty Get in Line Kit ($36). With this kit, you will simply not go wrong. You see, the kit contains a stencil, along with an awesome brush, and a trio of eyeshadows. Seriously, just by following the step by step instructions in the kit, you can not go wrong. It is amazing, and a must have kit to not only get Ashlee’s stunning look, but to create cat eye perfection.

Now, go get your celeb look on!