I don’t know if you’ve heard but these kids – he’s balding, she has really glossy hair – in England or wherever are getting married next week. To celebrate we’re probably going to spend the entire week playing Super Mario Brothers and just worshipping Princess Toadstool. Happy Princess Week!

Oh, fine, I guess we’ll get some experts to weigh in on the royal wedding, too. Talk to a few five year olds about why you should want to be a princess. Dating coaches will tell you how to date like Will and Kate. You’ll even hear from someone who runs a princess school. And, of course, we want to hear from you, too, even though you’re just a commoner (or ARE YOU?). How do you feel about princesses? Did you wear a princess costume every day as a child? Do you think the whole notion of monarchs is a modern age is hopelessly outmoded? Is one princess your role model? If you have a 600-800 word story to tell, and we can even vaguely incorporate the word “princess” into it, we want to hear it. Reach out to us at Jennifer [at] thegloss.com or Ashley [at] thegloss.com