Season two of Girls is coming! Aren’t you just the most excited? To build anticipation for this momentous television event, HBO has just released a few stills from the upcoming season, which tell us less than a lot but more than nothing about what’s going to happen. Let’s use them to predict the plot.

Still #1 (above): Hannah and Jessa start a dog walking business. They are initially able to relate well to the animals’ inability to hold jobs and tendency to let their sexual instincts rule them, but are very grossed out by a thing called “poop.” While trading vaginal horror stories in the park, they lose a recalcitrant chow named “Devandra” and must go on a madcap caper around Manhattan to recover him. The venture ultimately fails, but Hannah finally saves up enough money to buy a cute dress she has had her eye on, so they call it a success. (Seriously, I like that dress.)

Still #2:

Hannah tries to reconcile with Adam, but he’s still mad at her for breaking his leg by not loving him enough, so he crosses his arms and won’t look at her, like so. She tells him she’s not scared anymore and he replies that he is, of cars, probably for the rest of his life, which will make transportation outside of NYC difficult. She then hatches a plot to steal his sperm. Not for a baby, but to practice facials with. She will win him back this way.

Still #3:

Marnie bonds with Elijah over their shared love of being exhausting bitches, breaking Hannah’s heart, tiny edible animals, and karaoke. While performing a Pat Benatar duet, their eyes lock, and they simultaneously realize their purpose in life: to form a stable but sexless union from which Elijah might launch his political career. Hooray!

Photos: Entertainment Weekly