I mean, seems like Girls did indeed make fun of Jane Pratt/XOJane in their last episode? Watch the clip yourself, and keep in mind that time that Jane got Cat Marnell to do bath salts.


Surely that is Jane Pratt. They have only changed the person’s name by one letter, so that seems pretty telling. Also, “hate” seems like the opposite of “xo” although I would be 100% more likely to read a site dedicated to things people personally disliked. Although Hannah does seem like a good fit for XOJane, given that most of pieces are first person memoirs. I honestly I am surprised that you don’t see Hannah writing for more websites because the web is designed for the kind of writing Hannah is doing.

Didn’t Daria kind of do this years ago? Remember ‘The Lost Girls’ episode? Here, in case you don’t:

They don’t mention the clock thing, though, so that’s different.

In ant event, I wish Girls would make fun of us, because I could be someone vaguely unpleasant who really likes Marnie, which, I guess, is what I am in real life. (I just think Marnie is trying very hard to be a grown-up, and it is tough.) (I also like Soshanna, and I believe that the 30’s will belong to her.)

Picture via Girls