Everyone is going to have a lot of facial expressions!


Judging from this I’ve decided that Ray elects not to develop a foot fetish, and, Charlie – basically I watch the show for him and Marnie, just the way I used to watch Sex and the City for Charlotte and Miranda – learns how to gaze at people lustfully. Like, really, really lustfully. I think he is learning how to do man things. Don’t stop shaving your head to support co-workers with chemotherapy just to be more manly, though, Charlie! You stay you! You are a likeable person!

And the women roll their eyes and also laugh. Well, that’s not new. Marnie’s hair looks really nice, though.

I still think the best possible outcome for all of this would be if it was revealed that all of the characters morphed into Sex and the City characters (Shoshanna becoming Samantha, Marnie becoming Miranda, Hannah becoming Carrie and, weirdest of all, Jemma becoming Charlotte. She is married to a Venture Capitalist now.) As though this were a Sex and the City Prequel. But I guess The Carrie Diaries has already got that covered:

[youtube_iframe id=”PBctXyhhRq8″]

Hell, I’m going to throw down a tailer for American Horror story, too, just in case you didn’t find these ones entirely satisfying. Here’s some mental asylum stuff. This is what I look forward to.