Last Night we stopped by the Thrisis party to celebrate Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler’s new book Your So Called Life. There was champagne! There were manicures! There were amazing canapes from Kitchen125 (from whom I stole this picture).

And, best of all, there were plenty of other people to share our Thrisis concerns with.

Now, you might be wondering what a Thrisis is. It’s sort of like a mid-life crisis – except you’re far from mid-life. You’re 27. Or, you’re hovering somewhere around 30, and you still sort of feel like a teenager. We’ll let Andrea and Jessica’s book fill you in:

Your-So-Called-Life is the Rest-Of-Your-Life Crisis, the beginning of the seventy-five percent of your time on this planet that isn’t sponsored by American Apparel. And, as you move to your real adult years, you start asking yourself the kind of deep, philosophical questions that can send even the sanest woman to the therapist like, What is my purpose? Can I really have it all? And, am I too over-the-hill to be watching The Hills? This is also a time when you realize that someday is actually today, tomorrow really is tomorrow instead of the distant future, and the future only belongs to the future itself… and the future is Electric Youth! (Thanks for clearing that last part up for us, Debbie – sorry, Deborah – Gibson.)”

Look, here at TheGloss, we don’t miss our early 20’s, except when we do. But we all have mini-Thrises as we move towards becoming a genuine adults. Some of us worry about having a career on track, but OMG secretly needing love, just like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, and having to teach our cats to dial 911 (Mr. Whiskers monitors my life alert bracelet). Some of us worry about the fact that we’re unemployed and not in a “sipping prosecco on the balcony of our Italian villa” way. Some of us worry about the fact that we can’t stay out drinking tequila shots until 4 in the morning without feeling like we’re going to die the next morning.

What do you stress over now that you’re not living in your dorm room anymore? Tell us, because we’ve got what you want to get you through it. We’ve got what you need. We’ve got a copy of the book. Leave your mid-twenties stress in the comments, and this Friday, we’ll send the best response Your So Called Life.