gloria steinemFor as long we humanity is in existence, Gloria Steinem will forever be associated with the women’s rights movement. What she did for the female gender is something that everyone, both men and women, should be eternally grateful. She saw the truth, got “pissed off” as she says in one of her most famous quotes, and did something about it.

Today the feminist icon turns 79 years old, she’s wiser than ever and is still an inspiration to feminists the world over. In celebrating a woman who defied conventions and dared to rock the boat, I thought it only appropriate to honor her by citing a few of her quotes that helped to change how people view women and equality as a whole. I could have taken the route of discussing her sense of style and its influence on women of the time, but I think when he comes to a women like Steinem, you should focus on the words, the movement and the change that was made. Style comes secondary, if at all, when discussing a woman of this caliber.