First of all, there’s this picture. ^^

Second of all, according to HuffPo, Oprah took a vacation after her final show aired, and while vacationing, she sent a Facebook message to fans. In it, she caught them up on her travels (she’s enjoying some white truffle pizza!) and also took the opportunity to get in a book recommendation, on the off chance that some bitch was trying to take her place as the book recommendation guru:

Catching up on reading:UNBROKEN. By Laura Hillenbrand

I know so many of you have read already. It’s as good as everybody says. 72 pgs. in, can’t put it down.

She also managed to sneak in a plug for a documentary set to air on her self-titled network:

Will not be emailing or checking emails on vaca but didn’t want you to miss SONS of PERDITION on OWN tomorrow nite. June 2. 9E

Fascinating doc worth your time. About the young boys forced to leave the polygamist camps to make room for the men to marry the young girls.

My favorite part is the comments on her message, though, in which fans give Oprah back the advice that she gave them. She’s inundated with people reaffirming her decision to take a vacation, by saying things like: “Enjoy the stillness” and “you deserve it.” I wonder if at this point, it’s so much a part of their vernacular that they forget they learned it from her, or if this is just the cult of Oprah-speak and saying things like “you deserve it!” is kind of like speaking Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

I may never know.