gone with the wind india scarlett melanie belle

You will notice they line up with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, or, alternatively, Hannah, Shoshanna, Marni and Jemma. I mean, they do if you’re a crazy person.

Since Sex and the City and Girls are off the air, all I do is watch Gone With The Wind on constant repeat. It’s taught me that basically the only downside to being a sociopath is that you won’t be able to recognize that Clark Gable is much, much hotter than Leslie Howard. Other than that, manipulating everyone around you for everything and doing business with the Yankees will work out great. It will be fine! Because you’re a survivor!

No, really, everyone sees themselves as Scarlett, right? Weirdly? Maybe because everyone who is currently alive is “surviving?” Or we think we could make curtains out drapes? Or that people will continue to love us no matter how badly we behave? Or something?

I dare anyone to say they’re an India. I didn’t even include Suellen because Suellen’s only character trait was “yelling and crying at the same time” but India seemed like she was understandably angry, because Scarlett is probably a sociopath.

So! Let’s take a poll. Also, let’s braid one another’s hair and eat caramel corn or single rotten turnips from Tara and talk forever in the comments about ourselves.

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