dowager countess

They’re going to be better, monarchies.


This is happening:

As part of the Government’s commitment to equal opportunities, driven by the Lib Dems and especially by their leader Nick Clegg, it wishes to ensure that the first-born child of the Cambridges succeeds to the throne irrespective of its sex.

At present, custom and practice going back to the Norman Conquest and before dictates that a first-born girl can reign as queen only if she has no younger brother.

However! Prince Charles is not necessarily in favor of this. The Daily Mail notes:

I am told by friends of the Prince of Wales that he is alarmed, for several reasons, about the nature of this major constitutional change.


His friends stress that he is not against the idea in principle. He understands that if it is the democratic will of the British people, these changes should happen – except in this instance, the people have not formally been asked.

What concerns the prince is that the move could have unintended consequences which damage the crucial relationship between Church and State, and – less dramatically but still controversially – affect the entire basis of United Kingdom peerage law.

I’m concluding that Prince Charles hates progress. (No. Of course not. He’s been punished by some of the antiquated royal traditions – like having to marry a virginal bride instead of the woman he loved – as much as anyone).
But still, it makes sense that some people would not like this, because, traditions. In honor of them, here is the Dowager Countess, who actually does hate progress (though she’d still probably like women to have more rights).


Picture via Downton Abbey