hillary clintonToday Secretary of State and overall badass, Hillary Clinton submitted her official resignation letter from her position. This afternoon, she also gave her final address as Secretary before handing it over to John Kerry, by saying in her oh-so eloquently Hillary way: “Next week, I would expect, that all of you will be as focused and dedicated for Secretary Kerry as you have been for me.” Aww, Hill, we’re going to miss you so much!

In the past four years Hillary has made us all proud. She showed us that pantsuits really area a girl’s best friend, scrunchies are still all the rage and that if you try to grow your hair out in the public eye, it doesn’t matter that you’re Secretary of State, because you’ll still be chastised for it.

But seriously, all that superficial malarkey aside, Hillary Clinton helped to change the world in which we live all while keeping her sense of humor. She was able to laugh at herself when she needed to, and travel to foreign countries to fight for women’s right, among hundreds of other things. Her advocacy to empower all women, and her efforts to make sure the world sees just how important it is to do so in order to achieve a civilized society will not be forgotten. She is, as I said above, badass.

What’s next for Hillary we can only assume based on rumors. Is she walking away now to take a permanent break or just a temporary one so she can get ready to run for President of the United States in 2016? Only time will tell, but considering how respected she is and how much effort she puts into her work, for her not to run (and not to win) would be tragic. The woman has the skills for it in the bag, and she has thousands and thousands of us who have her back.

Goodbye, Hillary! We love you, and we’re stoked to think you’ll be running in the next presidential election.

Photo: C-SPAN via Buzzfeed