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If there’s anyone who knows what it means to be #blessed, it’s Gossip Girl‘s Blair Waldorf. She’s the absurdly privileged queen of the Upper East Side, the love of Chuck Bass’s life, the best friend of glamour girl Serena van der Woodsen, the former princess of Monaco, and the owner of the world’s largest headband collection. Blair is truly the girl who has everything, with one glaring exception: Instagram. Blair Waldorf does not have Instagram.

And what a damn shame that is, because can you even imagine how incredible her account would be? I mean, it would be #hairinspo and #outfitinspo and #lifeinspo galore! The more I thought about it, the more I needed to see it actualized. And so here it is, a small sampling of what I imagine Blair Waldorf would be ‘gramming if Blair Waldorf could ‘gram ‘grams.


There’s no way in hell that Blair Waldorf went through an awkward phase, but she’d still love showing all of Instagram how far she’s come from her days as queen bee of Constance Billard.



Despite her brief stint as the princess of Monaco, Blair is a ride or die Upper East Sider, and she’d take great pride in showing off her stomping grounds on Instagram.



No, seriously, you can’t sit with them.



There have been a lot of men in Blair’s life–Nate, Dan, and Prince Louis of Monaco, to name a few–but only one man has earned the title of Blair’s #ManCrushMonday. Who else but the life of her life, the sociopathic teenage billionaire Chuck Bass?



She would.



Remember when Chuck, Nate, and Dan rode the city bus to school that one time? Blair wouldn’t let anyone forget–she’d be sure to immortalize the moment with a snarky #TBT post.



Even though Chuck was arrested right after they finished their marriage vows, you know Blair would still post this picture on Instagram with the hashtag #BestDayEver. She could also throw in #BestDressEver, because her Elie Saab wedding gown was truly to die for.



Every aspect of Blair’s life is proof of how #blessed she is, but I think she’d use this picture as evidence for Instagram. This shot is from the summer that Blair and Serena stomped around Paris, doing nothing but eating and shopping for weeks on end.



Ain’t nobody chicer than this clique.