Remember when FHM made those disgusting remarks about male model Andrej Pejic? Honestly, we weren’t terribly surprised that a lad mag aimed at Axe users had homophobic inclinations (for their record, their eventual apology was bullshit, too). We were, however, pretty surprised that GQ–Gentleman’s Quarterly, you know–would do the same thing. Yesterday, they tweeted and CC’ed Adam Lambert:

Granted, this was obviously some intern trying to make a stupid joke, but it’s 2011 and holy shit, we shouldn’t have to explain to anyone that being gay is not a symptom of testosterone deficiency. In fact, you can sing, dance, have sex with men and wear all the make-up in the world while regular levels of testosterone course through you.

GLAAD had this to say:

GQ took down the tweet immediately and issued an apology:

Yes, it was thoughtless. Hopefully next time they’ll remember that gentlemen don’t make gay slurs on Twitter.

Lambert himself hasn’t commented.

(via HuffPo, photo via MTV)