Consider this a prequel to the inevitable angry mini-mob that will be the British royal family if a film is made about Kate Middleton and Prince William anytime soon. Members of Monaco’s royal family have spoken out against the upcoming Grace Kelly biopicGrace of Monaco, making it widely known that they are all sorts of pissed about this movie.

According to Monaco-Matin, the Prince’s Palace announced today that they are totally not cool with this film. Well, actually, it was phrased that they “do not endorse” it, but I imagine some less kind words were exchanged behind closed doors. Princesses Caroline and Stephanie, as well as Prince Albert II, state their opinion that the film “tells just one page, rewritten and unnecessarily glamorized, of the Principality of Monaco and its family with both significant historical inaccuracies and a series of purely fictional scenes.” Ouch.

Considering the plot does center around an eleven-month period of Kelly’s life in which she assisted in ending a coup in Monaco over its status as a French tax haven, it kind of makes sense that it’s telling “just one page,” but it also seems to be a very rational reaction on the royal family’s part to be upset about what they feel is a fictionalized portrait of their parents. I don’t even like it when people say things I think are mean and inaccurate about me in comments; I’m pretty sure I’d be a lot more upset if there was a whole movie I found to be dramatized and fictional about my family.

Grace of Monaco, starring Nicole Kidman as Kelly, will be released sometime in 2014. And as much as I understand the royal family’s positions on the matter, I also agree with Rebecca Adams and Ellie Krupnick that it had the family been associated with the movie, a premiere in the palace would’ve been the most glamorous and fantastic film event ever.