swarovski pepper spray

Like, pepper spray that will almost certainly be mistaken for some sort of bejeweled perfume?


Cool! Swarovski Crystal Covered Pepper Spray exists, now. And it’s available at Guardian Girls for only $74.95.

On the upside,  if you have to use a self defense weapon, your assailant likely won’t recognize this as pepper spray. Or, they wouldn’t, except that you’ll be digging in your purse and pulling something out, and a wily assailant might assume that it’s not just deodorant or some other lady contraption. Well, at least it might make some ladies more comfortable carrying pepper spray, and that is a good thing.

Though, on the other hand, we have nightmare visions of our nieces, moms, grandmothers, and really just everyone who roots through our purse to steal make-up mistaking this for perfume and spritzing it on themselves. And we really weren’t that serious about not going through our stuff. – via Jezebel