Rebel Wilson - MTV Movie Awards

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Rebel Wilson will be the host for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards!

During last night’s Jersey Shore series finale, MTV ran a promo for next year’s awards show starring Wilson as some sort of bizarre prisoner of an angry German man (played by Bridesmaids costar Matt Lucas) who whips her, then decides Wilson should just starve if she won’t reveal any secrets to him. She then taps the back of her own head several times until a candy bar pops out, which she takes a bite of, quite satisfied.

Now, while I find it a bit odd that they would focus their initial promo on Wilson conserving and eating junk food in a violent setting, I nevertheless am extremely excited at this news. We all know how rare it is for women who are not tall, thin and of specific proportions to become celebrities. Well, actually, not quite so rare anymore, but still — it’s a lot harder for an overweight woman to gain stardom than a thinner one.

However, as Jennifer’s piece mentions, actresses like Lena Dunham and Mindy Kaling have significantly helped readjust the way we see average-sized women. Rather than plot lines simply focusing these women trying to lose weight or having guys reject them for not being skinnier, as so often has been the case in past arcs for heavier characters, these females are just doing their jobs, getting awesome storylines and increasingly becoming beauty icons.

Having a female host of the MTV Movie Awards be an overweight woman who does not fit the “typical mold” of previous years (i.e. Jessica Alba, Courteney Cox, Lindsay Lohan, etc.) is a pretty great sign. Obviously, she was not chosen as some body image statement by any means, but it still will show people that being heavy does not mean you are inherently disqualified from certain games, unable to participate in glamorous happenings.

Wilson is goddamn hilarious, and will undoubtedly look great and do extremely well at this gig. The 2013 MTV Movie Awards will air Sunday, April 14. We look forward to Rebel’s ridiculous antics and demeanor, as well as all the wardrobe changes she will likely pull.

Photo: Starbux/