tom selleck cake

Today is Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff‘s birthday. Please see the cake above (for someone named Emma) to understand how tasty an event this is. No? You are not eating cake? This is boring for you? Fortunately, I have some movie trivia, and also a fun party game involving Nazis.

Okay, first, if all the famous people who share Ashley’s birthday were to star together in a movie it would be an epic action movie. Namely:

Wyatt Earp, legendary gunslinger, who obviously would star.

Bruce Willis

Glenn Close, presumably as some sort of classy dame (I can’t believe I never got around to seeing Albert Nobbs).

As bad guys, Nazis Eichmann and Speer.

(I do not know if it is fair to call Speer “the good Nazi” just because he sort of apologized a little bit at Nuremberg. Maybe it would be more appropriate to call him a “a Nazi slightly less awful than the other Nazis.” )

Bond Girl Ursula Andress

Harvey Weinstein is also born today! He could produce this film.

And it can be scored by Yoko Kanno, who did the soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop, which is a thing Ashley likes that I have never heard of.

Please discuss an appropriate plot for this movie.

Also, while we’re on the topic of Nazis, have you ever played the party game “Who Goes Nazi?” It’s when you go around a room and discuss which of your friends would join the Nazi party if they lived in 1930’s Germany. Playing this game actually tells you more about “how your playing partner perceives virtue” and “whether you perceive people in a similar manner” than it will actually tell you about your friends liklihood of going Nazi. Which is probably a good thing.