It’s kind of predictable and also, really surprising.

Old men. A full 22% of Girls readership is men over the age of 50. No other demographic comes close. There are obviously a lot of factors to consider about how that might not be eactly accurate (watch Vulture tackle them here) but I think it’s interesting about why this show appeals to men over 50 at all.

It can’t be just about wanting to see Lena Dunham naked.

Do they feel superior to the guys on the show? Probably. I mean, almost certainly. Are they glad they don’t have to have sexually awful encounters anyore? Do they feel like they could “save” these women? What is with that?

Ugh, also, me, I guess. I mean, I’m watching it now. I can’t stop. I still feel like these people make absolutely unchecked bad life choices. Team Marnie in spite of her breaking up with her boyfriend because he shaved his head to support a co-worker with cancer.

Girls pic via Vulture