Today is Axl Rose’s 50th birthday, which is a little bit horrifying for me in terms of my memories of him. For instance, I recall having a huge poster of the Guns N’ Roses frontman up in my bedroom and crying in front of it — yes, crying, and in front of it, like a shrine — when I found out that I couldn’t go see the band’s concert because I was going to be grounded.

Now that you know that fact about me, I’ll get to the point: some rabid fans took out a full page ad in the L.A. Weekly wishing Axl a happy birthday. Messages in the ad read:

I wish I could be part of you by tattooing your skin, cuz you are a huge part of my heart and soul. Thanks for setting me free.


Axl, happy bday n’ thanks for all these years of magic! It’s an honour to have “Rose” as my daughter’s name.

Here’s the whole thing: