So I’m over here perusing the internet, and I find this article (which is actually not that hard to find, since it’s breaking news on about 500 sites) that Octomom is totally broke.

And I find myself, to my utter surprise, being like, “Holy shit! I had TOTALLY forgotten about Octomom!”

I mean, it’s not like I sat around and thought about Octomom a lot during her 15 minutes, but she was on the front page of everything every day for a little while there, so I’m sure I blogged something about her at some point in addition to reading about her constantly, seeing her on TV, and discussing her plight once or twice during bouts of particularly vapid small talk. Shit, I even went and saw a musical about her. And it was funny!

But recently, it’s been as if Octomom never existed — we haven’t heard a peep from her, her 8 million spawn, her lawyer, the paparazzi that once trailed her, either of her parents, or even former teachers/high school classmates/frenemies trying to cash in. She just kind of vanished. Now, she’s apparently gone on welfare, which should buy her another 30 seconds or so of fame, but I feel like Mrs. Mom was the fastest flash in the pan of pseudo-celebriti-ism that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

It’s just…kind of weird.