Today is Friday, and it’s not just any Friday! It’s the Friday that is the one-year anniversary of “Friday,” Rebecca Black’s internet sensation of a musical number. That’s right — one year ago, Black’s video proclaiming “Fun! Fun! Fun!” was first uploaded to the world wide web. No one could have had any idea the kinds of soul-crushing, creativity-murdering reactions the video would get, but get them it eventually did. Buzzfeed has the story:

On Thursay February 10, 2011, some unknown worker bee at Ark Music Factory first uploaded the video for “Friday,” a for-pay song written and produced by Ark Music factory for a Californian teenager named Rebecca Black. It got about a dozen views that first day…

The video skulked around YouTube quietly, finishing out February with just over 1,000 views.

And there it maybe would have stayed, if it weren’t for Shawn. Shawn submitted the video to The Daily What on March 11th, with a comment to the effect of “makes Justin Bieber sound like Shakespeare.” No one knows who Shawn is. Neetzan Zimmerman, editor of The Daily What and a guy who reads most of the internet each day, realized he’d struck internet gold.

And the rest is history. Black ignored her haters with admirable self-confidence (I’ve been known to cry in the bathroom over a mean comment on a blog post), then made another video that was no more successful than her first. And still, my bet is that we haven’t heard the last of Rebecca Black. What do you think?

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