It’s Easter (for some people…admittedly, I am not one of them, but whatever), and that means that for the past three months, the shelves at stores like Rite-Aid and Walgreens have been flooded with delicious, special, annual candy. My favorite of all those candies is, and always has been, the Cadbury Egg.

I realize that the Cadbury Egg is a divisive confection; some people think it’s nauseating to eat candy that looks like the insides of a chicken zygote, others find it too sweet.

But I think it’s perfect.

So to celebrate this small round piece of chocolate Easter joy, here’s a retro commercial featuring a clucking bunny and a narrator whose voice sounds like the 1960s incarnate. Enjoy.

[youtube_iframe id=”Yw_gEyg7Nt8″]