In this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Bristol Palin, young, single mother, is profiled for being a young, single mother. Also for having Sarah Palin as a mom. But when the article first came out — at least the online version — it was clear that the interview had been done before the news broke that Bristol was re-engaged to Levi Johnston.

Well, the good news for Harper’s is that the engagement didn’t last. But the funny thing is that rather than issue some sort of an update, they decided to just change the title on their website without really saying anything else about it. Now, I don’t have a screenshot of the original headline — sadly…who has the foresight? — but we reported on the original article here, noting that it was clearly written before the engagement was made public. Now, the headline over at Harper’s reads as follows:

“The engagement’s off…see what this independent single mother thinks about politics, family and abstinence.”

But the engagement wasn’t even on when the story first ran, so…way to repurpose a story, Harper’s! But maybe next time, you go about it in a slightly different, more transparent way.