Remember Viktor Krum from Harry Potter? Of course you do. He may not have been a man of many words, but he captured our hearts as well as Hermione’s. Who didn’t wish that they could somehow go to the Yule Ball with him? I mean, he was the Seeker for the Bulgarian National Quidditch team…Sadly, we didn’t get to see much more of Krum after the Triwizard Tournament. If you’ve been wondering what’s been going on with the guy who played Krum, Stanislav Yanevski, all you need to do is check out his Instagram. Spoiler alert: He has only gotten hotter with age.

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BuzzFeed found his account and pointed out that Stanislav looks a lot different now compared to when he was wooing Hermione on the dance floor. The buzzed hair has been replaced by long locks and he has a number of tattoos that he didn’t have before. The thing that remains the same is that he still looks super fit. Imagine him playing a game of Quidditch now:

#newlook #tattooed #tattoo #bearded #longhair #change

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It’s been 10 years and now Stan looks more like he could pass for a Game of Thrones character than a Harry Potter one. Hands up if you see him in Westeros?

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Ron Weasley probably sums up everyone’s reaction best after seeing the photos:

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Is there some way that Stan can be in the new Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film? If not, perhaps JK Rowling can do a book all about the students from the Durmstrang Institute and what they’re up to now? We would all be very interested in that, especially if there is a movie to go along with it.