So it’s December 26, and Christmas is officially #over. How you feel about this will depend on whether you’re a Christmas-loving Jew like me, a horrible fucking grinch like Samantha,  or something in between. But if you fall towards the side of the grinches, look no further than this collection of all the “bah humbugs” uttered by all the Ebenezer Scrooges from all the different versions of A Christmas Carol, combined into one glorious supercut.

How many of these Scrooges can you name? I caught Scrooge McDuck, Patrick Stewart, Fred Flintstone, Michael Caine, Yosemite Sam, and Robin (i.e. Batman’s sidekick), but there are definitely more. Watch the whole thing, then laugh in the face of anyone who dares to challenge the supremacy of this amazing holiday, for they are missing out on some really great salad. I mean memories. Whatever.

(Via Jezebel)