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Guys, I don’t know if you know this, but on American Airlines Economy Class you sometimes have to sleep in an uncomfortable position. Oh? You knew that? Because you have flown economy class before, like a person? Henry Blodget, the EIC of Business Insider, did not know that, I guess. But he recently flew “in the heart of cattle class” and he learned some things. SOME TERRIBLE THINGS.


When I sat up straight, there wasn’t much room between my knees and the seat ahead.

Yes. For almost everyone, that is partly what it means to go on an airplane. That is why airplane travel is nightmarish. That and the constant sense that you might die at any moment.

Speaking of food, there was a surprising amount of it on this American Airlines international flight. It’s really cool to trash airline food, but this just wasn’t that bad. That was a very pleasant surprise. Most flights don’t have food anymore.

Dude, you were on a nine hour international flight. While some airlines do make you pay for boxed meals (and that is a great, great reason to pack up a little lunch for yourself beforehand) food will always be available when you fly internationally. Many airlines even offer free meals. Like you’re some kind of rock star.

My laptop battery died after 3 hours. One thing that American and other airlines could do to make “Economy Class” much better would be to install electrical outlets. Being able to work changes a flight from wasted time to productive time, no matter how cramped one is. But American does not have electrical outlets in Economy Class. And it does not have WiFi. And it does not have personal video screens, either. And I don’t carry printed reading material anymore. So that left 5 hours with little to do but look out the window and try to sleep.

Good fucking God, are you a character in Super Sad True Love Story? Start carrying printed matter, Henry.
Maybe these aren’t remarkable concerns, but it does seem remarkable to me that a man of middle age has been flying business class so exclusively that he never realized these things were problems before.

Look, everyone I’ve ever met at Business Insider is really smart, so this has to be a parody. I think. Maybe?

Oh, please let this be a parody.

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