This is an image promoting a how-to DVD series by Nicole Guidetti, who’s worked as a back-up dancer for the likes of Beyonce, Ashanti and Diddy. The two DVDs in her series are called “Sexy Moves (For the Club)”, and “Girls Night Out.”

Let’s take these moves one by one, shall we?

#1, The Hip, is a move I can get behind. I see what she’s trying to do there — she’s jutting her hip out, in an attempt to accentuate her curves while at the same time whipping her hair back and forth, which anyone who listens to the radio knows isn’t just good for keeping the party jumping, but also for shaking off the haters.

#2, Shake it Down, leaves me a little confused. Maybe if you’re a professional dancer, this looks cool, instead of like you twisted your ankle and are trying to play it off as a dance move as you make your way quickly and painfully to the club’s exit and then to the nearest emergency room. I don’t know. For the rest of us, it might just be too advanced.

#3, Move Your Body Like a Snake, looks suspiciously like the dancer featured is not moving her body at all, but rather has found a pose that flatters and is standing that way by the bar the entire night. If that’s the case, my hat’s off to her. Solid move.