My last birthday... we smuggled in four bottles of Veuve Clicquot. (That dude behind me is just photo-bombing my shit.)

Well, I cracked. The deal is I’m human and after spending some quality time in the ER yesterday for an eye infection, I decided I needed some wine. Granted, it was only one glass, but in addition to the painkillers, the antibiotics and the Xanax I had taken earlier in the day to deal with the stress that most likely brought on the eye situation in the first place, I may have well consumed two bottles of wine. I was that out of my mind, not sloppily out of my mind, but I did cry because of how “happy” I am in my life. I then got chatty with my sister’s neighbors, but mostly just because I thought that they might want to know how happy I am, too.

I had been doing so well, but after this past week all I wanted was a fucking glass of wine. Between the eye infection that hurt almost as much as getting my tattoos, and the health-related issues that are going on with my brother-in-law’s sister, things have been difficult and really sad. I’m also extremely homesick for New York City, and have already started scheduling dates and events to go to with my friends from pretty much the very moment I get off the plane.

Overall it’s been a somber week, and with the realization that Tattoo Guy is shit on top of all of it, I can confirm this has been one of the shittiest weeks in a long time. So there you have it, I fucked up, had some wine and with my medication, I definitely qualified as being drunk in the middle of the afternoon. I sobered up by dinner time, but considering how great I was feeling before that, I was tempted to have another glass of wine and enjoy the ride again. But I did pass on that idea, so that’s at least something.

I’d say I’d start over, but considering all the outdoor shows I’ll be going to when I get home, I’m not going to bother and just keep pluggin away instead. I have to admit that watching Wild Nothing on a pier on the west side without a Sixpoint in hand, is going to be tough. God, I miss New York.