dueling in history

So, I spend a lot of time on this series called Shelved Dolls, which, I don’t know, maybe you read, maybe. I really like finding out facts about women in history, especially when those facts are like “this one used to sleep upright in a meat mask made out of veal.” But I have noticed that there also exist men in history. I figured I could do a bookend to Shelved Dolls that was like “Shelved Ken Dolls” which seemed hilarious except… men just aren’t as interesting? I mean, they are, they do things, but part of what I think makes Shelved Dolls interesting is that the limitations of the times means that women who might have plenty of freedom to pursue their interests and desires today at the time they lived were constrained in ways that made them wear meat masks and strap themselves to the front of ships. Men pretty much had the freedom to pursue their interests in any age.

But I do want to do something with men. So, my idea is to do something on “hot stuff guys don’t do anymore.”

My first thought, obviously, was dueling. My second thought was carrying lady’s favors in battle

My third thought was that, back in Sparta, a test of virility was to keep a weasel under your shirt and see how long you could hold it there scratching against your belly without releasing it. I mean, that seems dumb, but also, these were Spartans, so guys disemboweled themselves with weasels.

That might be that whole column, honestly. I guess it will read “Hot Stuff Guys Used To Do: Weasel Disembowelment.”

Ashley also suggested sewing, which I guess could be hot, maybe, under like… I don’t know. I don’t know about sewing.

Do you have any suggestions about things that will be fun? I’m planning it for next Thursday, so if there seems like anything you’re interested in, let me know right this minute.

Pic via Wikipedia