Christmas Spirit Arnold(GIF: Tumblr)

Calling holiday shopping a relaxing experience is like saying that you look forward to getting a needle at the doctor’s office. You still haven’t recovered from the crazy Black Friday crowds but you have to hit the shops again. You have a Christmas shopping list that is a mile long because you never seem to find anyone naughty enough to cross out, and you have set yourself a budget that you hope to stick to but know that probably isn’t going to happen.

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These are the emotions everyone goes through when doing their holiday shopping:

1. PanickedChristmas The Grinch

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You said you were going to shop earlier but somehow you have left it just as late as year. Damn. You really hope that you can still get everything on your list. You also do not want to think about how much everything is going to cost. You only got your credit card bill yesterday with your Cyber Monday shopping on it and you felt queasy.

2. AngryChristmas Elf Angry

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There is no way that every single parking space is full. You came at an off time! You could see if you came on a Saturday afternoon but no one is going to be shopping now. You have been driving around for twenty minutes looking for a spot. If you don’t find one in another five, you are going to make one in that flowerbed over there.

3. OverwhelmedChristmas Vacation Overwhelmed

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Where do you begin? Do you start off easy by getting your mom’s gifts or do you get the tricky-to-buy-for people out of the way first? There are so many people everywhere and they are making it difficult for you to think clearly. You should have thought about your game plan before.

4. PuzzledChristmas Kevin

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Could your aunt have been a bit more specific when she said she wanted a kitchen knife set? You didn’t realize that there was so many to choose from. You use one knife for everything but apparently there are about 120 to choose from. Don’t they all do the same thing because they’re all sharp?

5. ConfidentChristmas Eddie Okay

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You’ve managed to get four people’s presents in two-and-half hours. That isn’t so bad. If you just pick up your pace a little, you hope that you can have all of your shopping done before the mall closes. Maybe you will even have time to pop into Sephora and look at something for yourself?

6. AnnoyedChelsea Christmas Exhuasted

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Some kids need to be put on leashes, seriously. You did not behave like this when you were a kid. If you even thought about it, there would have been mega consequences to pay. And if you have to hear one more version of “Silent Night” you are going to lose it. They have been playing it in every single freaking store. Argh.

7. DefeatedChristmas Sad Cat

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How can this be so difficult? You are shopping for presents, you aren’t competing in a marathon. You have a splitting headache and you cannot find half of the things remaining on your list. When you speak to sales associates they either give you blank faces or say those thing sold out months ago. Is there someone you can pay to do the rest of your Christmas shopping for you?

8. HopefulChristmas Clever Elf

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You just had a brilliant idea about what you could get the remaining people on your list. It’s so clever, why didn’t you think about it earlier? It’s so simple and everyone will like it. You are a genius.

9. ExhaustedChristmas Over It

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You did it! You got presents for everyone. You will think about the damage to your credit card later. Your feet are aching and you cannot feel two of your fingers from carrying all these bags, but you still cannot help feeling a bit happy. If everyone is wise, they will not mention wrapping presents for at least a week.