Attention, lifelong Simpsons fans! A weird art dude is here to ruin your childhoods by combining it with Anna Wintour and 50 Shades of Grey. And I’m not talking about the colors of her skirt-suits.

In a series entitled “Illustrated Erotic Advice,” Italian cartoonist and illustrator aleXsandro Palombo depicts America’s favorite loutish husband Homer Simpson in a variety of compromising positions with America’s favorite potential ambassador to England. Never mind the fact that she is a person and he is a cartoon character, this series is unrealistic because Anna Wintour would wear white after Labor Day before she’d fuck a fat person.

While such a deep and meaningful work of art hardly needs explanation, Palombo nonetheless gave a statement to The Daily Mail:

“Homer Simpson is the perfect embodiment of the average man today with all his frustrations, desires and weaknesses. He is also The Male Chauvinist. Similarly, Anna Wintour is the embodiment of the liberated women, a woman of power. She represents the ideal feminist. They are the two opposites of the same coin and represent a good part of the society in which we live. That’s why I thought they were two figures of interest to interpret this role playing game. Both are definitely having fun.”

What better way for a feminist to win over a misogynist than by having lots of fun kinky sex with him? CRAZY LIKE A FOX, that Anna Wintour.

Stop over-thinking this Great Art of Our Time and click through the gallery to enjoy it. Try not to ruin your laptop with your tears.

(Via The Daily Mail)

Images: aleXsandro Palombo