honey maid love

Last month, Honey Maid released a commercial that stirred a depressing amount of controversy online. Why? Because the graham cracker company had the audacity to feature interracial and same-sex parents in an ad about families. Sigh.

The 30-second video shows two dads kissing their baby, a dad with tattoos laughing with his daughter, a single dad buttoning his son’s shirt, and a black woman and white man holding hands while on a walk with their kids. “No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will,” a man’s voice says over bouncy music. “Honey Maid: everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.”

Naturally, people were pissed off. They took to Twitter to declare their “disgust,” they wrote articles about “the homosexual agenda,” they pouted alone in their desk chairs about how unfair it is that other people in this world think they can make their own decisions about their own lives. Really tragic stuff.

honey maid commercial interracial parents

Thankfully, Nabisco stands by their commercial 100 percent, and they’ve now posted a response video that’s even more amazing. The company hired two artists to “take the negative comments and turn them into something else,” resulting in a large paper sculpture of the word “love,” constructed entirely out of copies of the bigoted tweets.

It gets better, too. To show how many more people supported their message (over ten times as many, mind you), the artists also printed out some of the positive comments and used them to surround the LOVE. The messages of support completely drown out the hateful comments, and it’s beautiful, and I’m totally not tearing up right now.

honey maid love sculpture

What can we all learn from this video? 1) Honey Maid has a really successful social media marketing team, 2) your positive tweets really can help incite change in the world, and 3) love will always speak louder than hate.

Photos via Honey Maid on YouTube