For the last few weeks, we have been praising the enviable accomplishments of women at the tip-top of their fields, women who are determined and focused and who we have no problem pointing to as role models. That is so great! However: that was not all that LadyScouts set out to do. This week, we honor the kind of wonderful disaster that we recognize: a twenty-something lovable lush with an attitude problem and ambivalent outlook about her career path.

We don’t mean to imply Lily Allen is somehow not awesome. Lily Allen is awesome. We still work out “Smile”  and dance around to “LDN.” She’s probably the greatest thing that came out of MySpace (faint praise, but true), and the lady is into fashion for a reason. But very possibly the greatest thing about Allen is how familiar she feels. She makes the kind of mess that a woman stumbling towards adulthood makes. When Lily first arrived on the scene, she had a difficult time getting signed to a label because, as she says, “I was going out every weekend getting pissed.” In 2009, Lily Allen quit music. In 2011, she started a record label. She’s had clothing lines and a clothing store and TV hosting gigs and been yelled at by PETA and praised by PETA and quit the biz. She has been, quite seriously, all over the place. Just like us. She’s had an incredibly difficult and public personal life, with gossip mavens (yeah, we said “mavens”) like Perez Hilton all too happy to laugh at her serious and unfunny misfortunes, and she has made it through all that.

But those are all facts, and facts are not useful. This is how Lily Allen feels: Lily feels brave and funny and honest and unafraid and brash and stylish and like a great time. She seems like precisely like the kind of girl you would want to have as a friend. She would loan you great dresses and make fun of you work-enemies with you and probably not be a jerk about splitting fries, but she would call them “chips” which is so endearing, obviously. Lily Allen, you are us, but dressed better, and we salute you.

A Sample of Notable Badges Earned:

Lily is famous for earning the “Double-Fisted” Badge for her notorious(ly fun!) imbibing. We would never count the number of drinks a girl is holding at any given time, but we’re sure Lily can hold them with the best of us. We also want to present Lily with The Lipstick Badge as a greater symbol of how much she kills it, sartorially. The girl knows what she’s doing  when she puts together an outfit, and she always looks amazing from head to toe. Finally, we want to embrace her in short chick solidarity: with her youthful appearance and 5 foot 2 inch stature (what is that in metric?), she should wear the “I Am an ADULT” Badge with pride.