It may be a misnomer to call Neko Case a LadyScout. It’s not that she doesn’t uphold the ideals: she’s fantastic and talented and smart and fully grown. We’re just a little concerned about the “lady” part. Neko has been an animal (although you’re an animal too), a man-man-man man-man-maneater, and a tornado, amongst other things, and she has hopes of being the moon tonight, so we don’t want to hem her in. Of course, what these masterful metaphors do is articulate uniquely feminine desire so perfectly that it feels like she synthesized your high school diary into something beautiful. She’s messy and all-encompassing and feral and dangerous. So, yeah, I guess she’s a lady through and through.

Neko’s haunting voice and devastating lyrics call to mind a really aspirational witch. Her songs are spell-binding, her voice is a siren’s call, her hair is totally awesome. Both with The New Pornographers and as a solo artist, she can take you through regret and passion and hope and despair and never once set you down gently. Her work is affecting and universal, and we think she pretty much is the moon tonight.

A Sample of Notable Badges Earned: The I Am Free Badge, for her song “People Got a Lotta Nerve” in which she proudly reminds a poor young man that she is a maneater and wonders how he’s “surprise-prise-prised when [she] eats ya.” You know she’s not exactly waiting for some bro’s texts. For “Pretty Girls,” in which she warns young women, “don’t let them tell you you’re nothing,” she receives The Being An Ally to Other Women Badge. Finally, we would like to award her The Asking For What You Want In Bed Badge, because tornadoes and animals and killer whales don’t pussyfoot around, and you know it.

Head Ladyscout Meredith Haggerty is also a blogger.