Miley Cyrus and her boyf, Liam Hemsworth (yeah, we don’t really know who he is either) broke up, but no one really cares about the split because it doesn’t provide a good reason to slut-shame Miley.

Cyrus and Hemsworth sort of made headlines for their 3-year age difference, but apparently the only time anyone really wants to talk about Miley is when she’s acting at all sexual, so we can all get mad about it and throw a fit and question whether young girls are sexualized too soon or whether we’re just all a little overly obsessed with the sexuality of young girls and so we’re making an issue where there isn’t one (just kidding, no one asks themselves that).

But really, we are all sorry for Miley, and wish her the best during this difficult time (even though she was too young to date anyway and her being with a 20-year-old was terrible for our children and for society and hopefully now she’ll put her hair back in pigtails, wipe that whore makeup off her face, and get back to singing about rainbows and unicorns like a good girl, until she gets married).