Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic (Gonzalez); Dan Kitwood/Getty Images (Brown); Indigo/Getty Images (Cameron).

Remember when people would get all upset because here in America we focused so much on the fashion and hair choices of female political candidates, and wives of politicians? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the UK is just as bad. Apparently the British media has been pitting the three women who are currently engaged in a ferocious battle for First Lady against each other, based on their looks and their … looks. Contenders for First Lady include Samantha Cameron (right), Sarah Brown (center), and last-minute entry, Miriam González Duránte (left). And apparently, Duránte — wife of candidate Nick Clegg — has thrown everyone for quite the loop. Vogue reports:

“When Mrs. Clegg, 42, turned up, she declared she wasn’t playing wifey-on-the-stump. “I don’t have the luxury of having a job I can simply abandon for five weeks,” she declared […] And then the questioning began: Was this not a more modern, feminist position—to not conform to the new media routine? Did it not actually reflect better on Nick Clegg to have a woman in his life who is her own independent, high-achieving self?

Well, I think we can all agree that that worked really well for Kerry.