Reviving Ophelia, Dr. Mary Pipher’s hugely successful pop psychology book about young women, identity, and body image, came out when I was in high school. As a result, there were reading and discussion groups at many high schools like mine, and the book was still on reading lists when I was in college. The book is in its sixth or seventh reprinting, which only shows its enduring popularity and the fact that many of the issues raised by the book are still relevant to young women and their families. Which is why I have to ask – how the hell did it take this long to get turned into a Lifetime movie? Seriously, it has all the perfect ingredients: teenage girls, moms of teenage girls, angst, boyfriend drama, eating disorders… you name it. This is going to be like Little Girls in Pretty Boxes to the nth. Plus it has the mom from Malcolm in the Middle in it.  And I cannot wait.