Ok, I get it.  Toddlers can be loud and cranky and sometimes, obnoxious.  I live with a two-year-old and while I love her with all my heart, I know that she is not perfect.  Why do I bring this up?  Because there are lots of imperfect people who can feel completely fine riding on an airplane.  But apparently, there now needs to be separate seating so that no one has to deal with my petite travel buddy.  Seriously?  We’ve all become that self-absorbed and important?  We can’t have our three-hour flight periodically interrupted by a child who wants a snack or a drink or a new toy?  I realize that some children are heathens, and I don’t like being around those kids either. But whether it hurts my ears or not, those children and their parents have the same right to airfare that I do.  My glaring at them for two hours doesn’t change that and doesn’t help anyone.

Honestly, I remember what it was like to not have children.  Back then, I might have whined more about a child kicking my seat too.  But I’m more than a little annoyed about this whole, “child-free airfare” movement.  Why?  Not just because it will probably jack up the prices of flying in general, but designating child-free and child-friendly flights will mean less flights for each side to choose from.  That means it will more difficult and more costly to get the exact flight I’m looking for.  If you live in New York, you don’t know what this is like.  Trying finding a flight from Indianapolis to Denver with only one connection that arrives before noon.  Not nearly as easy as New York to Chicago.  So there’s that, but also, I don’t like the fact that you’re just going to kick my daughter and I off a flight because you’re in the mood to.

You know who I don’t want to have to fly with, the guy who forgot to pack his travel deodorant.  Can we designate flights without him?  Or the woman whose afraid of flying so she gets completely trashed and starts sobbing into my shoulder through even the slightest turbulence.  Let’s get rid of her.  If I remember right, someone on this site had to deal with personal hygiene care (plucking and/or nail clipping), please make those people feel unwelcome.  The little old lady who wants to tell me all about her 85 grandchildren she just visited… excuse me, I’m trying to sleep.  The businessman who keeps mumbling to himself as he reads The Economist… Sir, I don’t care about that merger’s effect on the HHI.  I can keep going.  Why?  Because there are a ton of annoying and frustrating people who I don’t want to be locked in confined spaces with.  But I don’t get that option.  Those people have a right to be in the seat next to me.  Just like my daughter does.

So really, whiny people who want child-free flights… All I have to say is, grow up.