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Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe have come under fire recently for their extravagant spending habits. During the first season of the reality show, Giudice was shown dropping lots of cash on expensive house furnishings and stating that she had to live in a brand-new home because living in a house someone had inhabited before was “gross.” Now, the Giudices’ habits have caught up with them – they’ve filed for bankruptcy and their home and many possessions are going up for auction.

If you had just declared bankruptcy and were eleven million dollars in debt, what would you do next? Start living more frugally? Get another job? Try to cut back on your expenses? No, all wrong. According to the New York Post, Teresa has dropped $60,000 since the filing on furniture and other home items. I knew the woman was dense, but this is a whole new level of idiocy. However, I’m not surprised. Two weeks ago, several of the New Jersey housewives went on a (probably paid for by Bravo) trip to Italy. While there, Teresa insisted on going to Chanel and other designer shops, despite being told by her husband and friends that a) they have Chanel in America too and b) THEY’RE ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT. It didn’t seem to faze Teresa at all, though. It seems clear that she has some kind of shopping addiction or compulsion. Maybe if she really can’t stop spending money, she should divert some of it into a therapy fund? Even if she doesn’t use it, her kids are going to need it soon enough when Mommy has to explain why all their toys got sold.