In an attempt to scare kids out of either car crashes or drinking and driving, a high school in Burlington, MA staged a head-on collision outside of its local high school a few days before prom. In the faux-crash, three students were “injured” and one student was “killed.”

According to the Boston Globe, teacher Amy Doughty had this to say:

“The students were able to view a real-time rescue of a four-person crash with one fatality.’’

What a treat! Bernie Schipelliti, the town’s traffic safety officer, added the following:

“The mock crash is something that we like to put on to remind the kids of what poor decisions can lead to,’’

Listen, I think I can speak for most of us when I say that I’m anti-head-on collisions. But this is really, really, really fucking overboard, and can someone please show me a study that says that scare tactics work? How many of those students do you think left that little performance saying to each other, “wow, Gretchen — I think we should reconsider those pre-prom shots of peppermint schnapps that we’ve been planning,” and how many do you think left giggling and repeatedly wondering WTF their administrators were thinking? Think back to high school. Put yourself there. I’m pretty sure I know which boat I would have been in.