I know I got excited over Effie Trinket yesterday, but I do not care, I will be excited about Katniss Everdeen’s gown, too. I will be excited about all the Hunger Games: Catching Fire gowns forever. Look at Jennifer Lawwrence in this magnificent thing!

Jennifer Lawrence Hunger Games

The costumes in the first Hunger Games got a lot of flack for not being elaborate enough. That felt a little bit unfair, because it’s hard for any human costume designer to live up to to the expectation in a reader’s head of a dress that was made out of flames, twirling around. Though they do seem to be making a huge effort, this time. I thought they came up with the next best thing to incredibly individual fantasies and put Jennifer Lawrence in a McQueen gown, but, no, apparently that is not the case. Okay.

It still looks lovely, right? Like, lovelier than anything she wore in the first movie? Though perhaps not as lovely as actual, real life, Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar gown. But it’s a postapcalyptic future, so that feels appropriate, I think.

Her Victory Tour dress looks pretty great, too, and it is also not McQueen:

Victory tour hunger games

God, I hope this is one of the movies that you will be able to enjoy without even turning the sound on.

Pictures via Yahoo, Lionsgate